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Study Recruitment Complete

We have now completed recruitment for this study. Thank you so much for your interest and support!


The purpose of this research study is to learn about sexual health through a social network questionnaire. We are looking for folks in the Raleigh-Durham area to take part in our survey to learn more about their personal connections in the community. We aim to learn more about sexual health to help create public health strategies for prevention. Take our short screening survey below to find out if you are eligible to participate!

Are You Eligible?

You may take part if you:

  • Self-identify as Black/African American or Latinx/Hispanic
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • You were assigned male sex at birth
  • You live in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina (i.e., Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham, Lee, Johnston, Person, Granville, Vance, Warren, or Franklin County)
  • Have been sexually active in the past with a person assigned male sex at birth

What Will Be Asked of You?

We ask you to take an online survey and allow the study team to access to some of your medical information. In the survey, the questions ask about people in your social network and how you know them.

A risk of the study is that you may feel uncomfortable answering these questions. We will keep the information private and confidential. We will make every effort to safeguard your information. You can learn more from the study team to decide if this study is right for you.

Study Information

  • Participation Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Visit Location: 100% remote (online, phone, text)
  • Incentive: $40 electronic Amazon gift card

UNC-Chapel Hill IRB #21-2992: Contact the UNC IRB at (919) 966-3113 or for info about your rights as a study participant.

Contact Information

Phone: (919) 843-5088