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Next Meeting – November 15, 2023 @ 6:30PM

Our Community Advisory Group’s next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 15. Check out a photo below from our first meeting of this amazing group!


The Community Advisory Group (CAG) collaborates on the research by providing general advice and input, as well as helping to guide adaptation and implementation of the Enhanced Social Network Strategy (eSNS) intervention using data gathered during the study’s first phase paired with their collective personal and professional experience. Meet the current members of the group below.

This group includes HIV activists, leaders, and community members in the Charlotte region, initially convened through the Getting to Zero initiative’s working group along with our research team’s established network of community partners. Its role includes reviewing preliminary data, consent documents, and recruitment procedures; advising the study team on safety and confidentiality measures; and guiding locally appropriate adaptation of the enhanced Social Network Strategy to the Charlotte area.

The RESPOND Community Advisory Group meets 2-4 times per year, in-person in Charlotte and virtually, from 2023 until the conclusion of the study in 2027.


The Community Advisory Group will be led by Alicia Diggs, Manager of the Office of Community Engagement at the UNC Center for AIDS Research. Jesse Elkins, the RESPOND coordinator at UNC Charlotte/APHI, will also support the group.

Alicia Diggs
CAG Lead Liaison
UNC Chapel Hill

Jesse Elkins
Research Coordinator
UNC Charlotte/APHI

Advisory Group Members

Dee Dee Richardson, BS

Kayla Earley
External Affairs Community Liaison
ViiV Healthcare

Kyara Washington
Special Projects Coordinator
RAO Community Health

LaChelle Davis-Moore
NsideOut Excellence

Bubbles Richardson
Quality Home Care

Aleida Espinal
Community Organizer
Latino Commission on AIDS & Latinos in the South

Camil Moss
Peer Support Specialist
CW Williams Community Health Center

Junior Reid
CEO & Founder
Living HAPI

Sheidera Pritchard
CEO & Founder

Mel Smith
Director of Outreach, Carolina RAIN

Devin Cokley
Program Manager, Carolina RAIN/The Drop