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Community Leadership Interviews

In-depth interviews with leaders at public health agencies and community organizations, and people engaged in HIV services, form part of RESPOND’s qualitative research design. Interviews provide diverse insights into barriers and facilitators to greater engagement with HIV services, while seeking input on how to adapt an Enhanced Social Network Strategy to the Charlotte region.

Focus Groups

Focus groups with public health professionals were held in December 2022 and led by qualitative research specialists at the UNC Center for AIDS Research. Participants included public health investigators, peer support specialists, and social workers, who shared their experiences directly engaging clients in HIV care and prevention services.

Personal Network Survey

The Personal Network Survey is a confidential online survey that guides participants in creating an inventory of people in their immediate social network, including those who provide them with social support, and/or who have been sexual or drug use partners. Survey participants are people reached during routine partner services outreach. Learn more about the Personal Network Survey here.

Molecular Epidemiology

Data from public health surveillance systems will be collected to help characterize recent HIV transmission clusters. To investigate interstate patterns of HIV transmission, surveillance data from North Carolina’s EDSS database will be merged with data from South Carolina’s eHARS. Learn more about molecular epidemiology by visiting our RESPOND Resources page.